Founded in 2017 by the legendary Norwegian skateboarder, Tom Erik Ryen, social media profile Lasse Løkken Matberg, Fredrik Løkke and the Reinhartsen brothers Stian and Nicolay. 

Different backgrounds, common goals - living life to the fullest. For us, life is about chasing the Good Times and appreciating the beauty that life has to offer. We aspire to inspire and move a young generation to further chase their dreams and believe in their ability to do whatever they set their minds to.

Team Good Times:

Tom Erik Ryen

Also known as Tom Tom from the adventures of Danny & Dingo TV-show. Legendary Norwegian skateboarder living the California-dream in Los Angeles.

Lasse Løkken Matberg

Also known as ”lasselom". Lasse is known internationally as a viral social media profile, and is serving as a Lieutenant in the Royal Norwegian Navy.

Fredrik Løkke

Experienced salesman and District Manager for brands like Stormberg and Mercedes Benz, highly experienced in the fashion-industry.

Stian Reinhartsen
Co-founder of Reinhartsen Media, Manager for Lasse Lom and the Tour Manager of the internationally acclaimed Norwegian DJ, Matoma.
Nicolay Reinhartsen
Founder and CEO of Reinhartsen Media and CEO of Mitt Norge. A true vagabonder at heart, with a passion for the outdoors.

Good Times Dreams

Good Dreams do come true, and we want to take an active part in that through our concept "Good Times Dreams".

We are allocating 1 % of all revenue to fulfill dreams for our community of dreamers, especially those who deserve extra attention.